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Who will look at the personal data entered on the ESTA form?

Being ESTA a document issued from the VWP program, personal data will be kept inside the Department of Homeland Security. For this reason, these data will be viewed only by authorized personnel within the program.

Like many other control programs on travelers, the ESTA provides for strict controls regarding the privacy of those who require the module.

Example 1: Nicolas Example 1: Nicolas

Nicolas has always been a technology and web enthusiast, with a particular attention to privacy issues.

When he applied for his Esta, Nicolas wanted to learn more about who would have watched his data.
Nicolas discovered that:

  • – The American Immigration authority are those that automatically review the data with a software.
  • – The information provided get matched with those existing in the police, intelligence, Interpol, and immigration database for any not appreciated visits.
  • – If the information provided from the asker is not suspicious, he/she will be authorized without any further delay.
  • – On the contrary, if American Immigration authorities will manually analyze the application and will assess the possibility of granting the Esta.
  • – The maximum time for the manual revision is 72 hours.
Example 2: Mila Example 2: Mila

Mila wanted to share with friends her first travel experience to the United States.
One of the interesting things related to our case is that at her arrival at the airport in Miami she had a travel authorization.

Mila walked along the line of controls with the American citizens and residents.
Once arrived his turn an agent headed to a computer, where Mila had first scanned her passport and to this computer / totem she automatically associated the Esta and subsequently printed a sheet with whom to pass the last immigration control.

In some cases, this sheet laissez-passer imposes additional controls. In most cases, however, you are allowed without any further formality.

Mila has actually carried out the entry practices alone on the computer / Totem, in absolute privacy. (An agent of immigration is always at your disposal for any questions / issues).

Do It Yourself Entry Totem. Typically used to check Esta validity

Get your ESTA Visa in 3 easy steps!

1. Complete the application form in full. 1. Complete the application form in full.
2. Confirm personal and payment information. 2. Confirm personal and payment information.
3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly. 3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly.