New security measures are in place for flights to the U.S.

New security measures for flights

Before departing, remember to Charge your electronic Devices.

Sunday July 6th 2014, the U.S. aviation agency TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has announced that all electronic devices with their battery low will not be allowed in flights departing for the USA.

New security measureIn fact, the security officer at the airport will control all your electronic devices and may ask you to turn them on or / and pass additional screening.

These new security measures are applied to all flights to the United States departing from Europe, Africa and Middle East airports. It is important to consider the above if your flight ticket has multiple destinations if you make one or more stops.

This prohibition is due to the fact that U.S. officials fear that electronic devices will be diverted and used as bombs. By turning on your devices, security officers can ensure that the batteries have not been replaced by explosives.

Remember that all electronic devices are called into question, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. Security officers will be very careful to Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy.

When dealing with security measures it is always sage to be proactive! On your next flight to the U.S., in addition to your ESTA, also consider:

 Make sure all your electronics are charged

 Arrive early at the airport

 Have your charger handy in case of need

Remember that in case your electronic device has no charge it may be not accepted for boarding with consequent risk of having to leave it the departure airport … or worst, It may cost you your flight..