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What kind of specifications must the computer applying for ESTA have?

All you need to complete an ESTA form is a computer supporting any 128-bit browser. All the main browsers such as Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and opera cover this demand and offer the possibility to request the travel authorization for the US on-line.

Moreover, you will have to verify if the browser used accepts cookies and is compatible with Java Script. You also need to remember that public computers can have different configurations in this regard.

In general, we can summarize for the less expert in computers that an Internet connection and a computer even with the most simple configurations are enough to apply for an Esta online.
Also on a mobile device, such as smart phone or tablets.

We also recommend to have a printer available for printing a copy of the travel authorization and keep it with the other documents (passport, air tickets)

Example 1: Charles Example 1: Charles

Carlo was at the airport in Rome, at the AliItalia check-in for the direct flight to New York, when the flight assistant made him notice the necessity of the ESTA to be able to embark on the flight.

Carlo did not lose heart and thanks to his smartphone and wi-fi connection available at the airport, connecting to the website obtained its Esta with an urgency procedure.

He saved a PDF copy of the authorization on his mobile phone in order to exhibit it at the check-in, and everything proceeded quietly until boarding.

Example 2: Luciana Example 2: Luciana

Lucian just turned 60 years, and in two weeks he will travel to Chicago with his wife and his two sons as a birthday gift. Luciano has a 5 years old desktop PC, it is still responsive to his needs.

Despite Lucian is not very experienced with computers, he easily connected to applying for the ESTA for him and his family.

Once received by email, he printed the four authorizations and kept them with his travel documents.

Get your ESTA Visa in 3 easy steps!

1. Complete the application form in full. 1. Complete the application form in full.
2. Confirm personal and payment information. 2. Confirm personal and payment information.
3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly. 3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly.