What happens if a modification in the passport information occurs?

If your passport information changes, you will need to apply for a new ESTA. The passport is the only valid document internationally, so you need to pay attention to his validity and expiration for all the duration of the journey.

male-headshotExample 1: William

William has gone in leisure travel to Las Vegas six months ago with his friends. He obtained with his UK passport the on-line travel authorization for the first time.

Sometime after his return from the United States William noticed that his passport was expired so he proceeded in the renewal.

In two months William will travel to Mexico via Miami. Even if he will just transit in the US he will need a valid ESTA.

However, William won’t be able to use the same document obtained to travel to Las Vegas.
Despite the fact that the Esta is valid for two years, it is always associated with a passport. If it gets renewed, you need to ask a new authorization with the new passport information.

female-headshotExample 2: Marisol

Marisol is a Chilean citizen. With her passport, she went in honeymoon in the United States a little less than a year ago.

After marrying Marisol and her spouse moved to Santiago from Florence. Marisol has then also gained Italian citizenship. For her next holidays, the new family will visit her relatives in Chile by traveling via New York. In order to enter the US (even if in transit) Marisol needs a valid Esta.

Given that she already has a second passport (the Italian one in addition to Chilean) and a new residence, she won’t be able to use the new Esta for her honeymoon but she will need to request a new one and provide the passport and residence information.

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