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Which ESTA fields are editable?

The editable fields are:

  • – Address of residence.
  • – Email Address.

To update the data in the trip you will be prompted for your full name, number and country of issue of the passport and the unit number provided by the system at the time of request of the ESTA.

If you do not have such unit number, you can alternatively use your date of birth.

Example 1: Joseph Example 1: Joseph

Joseph obtained his Esta on line for a business trip to Chicago less than a year ago. He will travel to New York for tourism with friends in a week. Joseph is actually not sure about the following: Can he use his existing Esta? If so, is it mandatory to update his former Chicago address with his newest New York residence where he is actually going to stay?

The answer is simple: Joseph can use his already existing Esta. In fact, his Esta is valid for two years and offers multiple entrances in the USA for 90 days limit each, 180 days during the calendar year. Provided that Joseph’s passport is the same as that associated with his already existing Esta (no renewal).

Joseph has also the possibility to update his Esta residence to his USA residence. This is not considered mandatory from the American authorities for immigration.

Example 2: Pippa Example 2: Pippa

Pippa after applying online for his Esta realized that she had entered her email address incorrectly. She made a spelling mistake. She is not sure whether applying again for a new Esta and paying the amount of taxes associated with the new module, so she wrote an email to our customer service. We were glad to point Pippa to how to update his current email address for his existing and already approved Esta application.

Finally, she completed the last preparations for his trip for the US being sure that if any problem concerning his travel documents arose, she could have been contacted easily.


Get your ESTA Visa in 3 easy steps!

1. Complete the application form in full. 1. Complete the application form in full.
2. Confirm personal and payment information. 2. Confirm personal and payment information.
3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly. 3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly.