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What are the countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program for the ESTA form?

What are the countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program for the ESTA form?


ad Andorra
au Australia
at Austria
be Belgium
bn Brunei
cl Chile
cz Czech Republic
dk Denmark
ee Estonia
fi Finland
fr France
de Germany
gr Greece
hu Hungary
is Iceland
ie Ireland
it Italy
jp Japan
lv Latvia
li Liechtenstein
lt Lithuania
lu Luxembourg
mt Malta
mc Monaco
nl Netherlands
no Norway
nz New Zealand
pt Portugal
sm San Marino
sg Singapore
si Slovenia
sk Slovakia
kr South Korea
es Spain
se Sweden
ch Switzerland
tw Taiwan
gb United Kingdom

male-headshotExample 1: Richard

Richard has two nationalities, Italian and Australian. A part of his family, in fact, comes from Oceania. At the time of his trip to the USA, he was not sure which citizenship he ought to declare and if he should point out his second nationality too.

Thanks to our unique customer care, Richard was informed that both nationalities are part of the travel extension program. It doesn’t matter whether of the two nationalities is associated with the ESTA. Moreover, the second nationality must be indicated at the time of applying.

Finally, Richard has requested permission to travel with the Italian passport and also claimed his Australian citizenship.

female-headshotExample 2: Line

Line is about to leave for Miami where she will visit her daughter Anne who has just given birth. She was born in Argentina but she has also an Italian passport thanks to her mother’s origins.

So although she lives and works in Buenos Aires and she uses her Argentinian nationality in her daily life which is not included in the program travel without a visa, she can benefit from her Italian passport and travel to Miami with an Esta.

The passport associated with the ESTA will be the Italian one while her complementary nationality will be Argentinian.

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