Can I obtain my ESTA online?

The Travel Document Esta can only be obtained online.

The process requires the user to provide details of personal information and also to answer some questions about his current state of health and his reasons for traveling.

Some of the details include demographic data and passport, address and work information.

If you are in transit in the US and you ought to stay here temporarily, you will also need to specify your temporary residence.

In addition to the primary address, an emergency contact should be provided. It can be either from the country of origin or from the US.

The last section of the ESTA online is about answering some questions about your travel.

Once all answers are confirmed you will be directed to the payment page.

Once you have successfully completed the payment you can request the Esta for another member of the travel group or wait until your document is sent to the email address provided.

In Summary

passport 1) Fill out the online application form and confirm your details
 card 2) Pay the immigration rate
 letter 3) Receive the document from the email address provided

The American Service of Immigration is the institution handling the approval process. This usually takes very little time.

It is suggested to apply for the ESTA at least 72 hours before taking your flight. This saves from any possible delays.

Example 1 Maurice and Rose

Rose is of Maltese nationality, which allows her to benefit from the VWP program. Next month she will travel to New York for a work meeting with a friend.

While chilling on the sofa Rose will apply for two ESTA authorizations online on her tablet.

She has successfully completed the payment process by using Maurice and her’s passport and credit card details.

Finally, the two Estas get approved and are sent to the email provided during the application.

female-headshotExample 2: Carl

Carl will turn 60 next week. He has always been a United States enthusiast. He traveled several times to the US with a B1 tourist Visa, which is obtainable with a formal application to a US embassy.

Because his Visa expired and he is looking to celebrate his birthday in Los Angeles, this time Carl is going to apply for an ESTA document

Surprisingly, he learned that the ESTA document can only be requested online and gets approved really quickly (unlike from the embassy’s Visa)

As he is used to dealing with the old visa application process, he submitted the application smoothly. The application procedures became much more smooth for his trip in the USA.

Get your ESTA Visa in 3 easy steps!

1. Complete the application form in full.

2. Confirm personal and payment information.

3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly.