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What you can do if the ESTA Authorization is denied?

In case an ESTA is rejected, the applicant has only one option to obtain an authorization to enter the United States: He has to apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of the United States closest to his city.

The on-line system that releases the travel authorizations does not provide any reason in case an application is denied. ESTA has a link to the DHS Travel Redress Inquiry Program website (TRIP), for such cases, but this department does not guarantee solutions regarding the eligibility of travel not eligible for the visa waiver program.

Also in cases of urgency, if an ESTA is not authorized, the U.S. authorities cannot guarantee short-term appointments at the embassies or consulates. Therefore, you should request the travel document before paying your air tickets and/or your hotel in the U.S.

If a not authorized travel occurs, the best thing to do is to call the American embassy rather than trying to apply again for another ESTA. In fact, it is impossible that the System will approve an authorizations this was previously denied.

You should remember that declaring the false is considered a crime, and this could lead to not being eligible to enter into the United States for up to 10 years.

For more information regarding a Visa request please visit the travel state website.

Example: Frederic Example: Frederic

In the recent years Federico traveled often in the United States, in particular to New Orleans, where he found his new love and is about to start out a new entrepreneurial business. He in fact is very close indeed to opening an Italian restaurant in this particularly charming city.

His immigration status is really puzzling since thanks to the investment he made he applied for a working visa, which is not yet approved.

Waiting for his visa in Belgium Frederic requested a new Esta to visit again New Orleans while his working visa would be approved. His Esta was denied.

Frederic lives in Bruxelles and following our customer care advice he went to US consulate where he was informed that he should wait in Belgium the approval of his visa before being able to travel again in the United States.

So he did, and after 4 weeks our protagonist finally received his approved visa. A visa that opened him the doors to a new and exciting future in his loved Louisiana.

Example 2: Thelma Example 2: Thelma

Thelma is 25 years old and is of Irish nationality. About 3 years ago, after totally falling in love with the city, she prolonged her travel in New York for several months. In fact Thelma started working as a bartender at an Irish pub and stayed in New York for about 6 months with an Esta.

As it is known, An Esta allows 90 days stay at most, and it does not give permission of carrying out any monthly-paid working activity.

About 4 months ago Thelma was going to visit some of her old friends in the Big Apple, so she applied for a new Esta.

As expected, her travel document was denied.

Leaving aside the fact that Thelma worked (the authority of immigration may not be aware of what), the USA immigration authorities certainly recorded Thelma’s departure from the country, and they must have found that she violated immigration laws by staying on the American soil for 6 months instead of the maximum 3 allowed.

The only option for Thelma is to go to the American Embassy closest to her and apply for a new touristic visa, which in her case will be particularly difficult to obtain.

Get your ESTA Visa in 3 easy steps!

1. Complete the application form in full. 1. Complete the application form in full.
2. Confirm personal and payment information. 2. Confirm personal and payment information.
3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly. 3. Receive a confirmation email from us shortly.