A Parent’s Guide to Visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando

With the summer holidays fast approaching many people begin their long awaited trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando. Disney World is a fantasy land and something that will leave all first time visitors very impressed, especially the little ones. While Disney makes everything possible to guarantee an enjoyable visit, it is important to get […]

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What to Do If You Need Medical Care While Visiting the United States

Unexpected medical situations can arise anytime – even during a relaxing holiday.  For this reason it is important to understand what to do if something happens while abroad.  The United States in particular has a medical care system that is very different from what visitors from other countries are accustomed to.  What is critical to […]

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The Best Beaches In Florida

Florida – also called the Sunshine State – attracts with over 1,930 km the finest sandy beaches and therefore offers the tourists numerous bathing opportunities and water sports. A beach holiday in Florida can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. But before you book your flight, you need to fill the United States […]

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Esta: electronic system for travel authorization

I want a credit to go to America Usually when visiting America, credit is needed to enter. Nevertheless, the Credit Waiver Plan (VWP) enables folks of particular to go America with no people credit nations. To qualify, you have to visit for three months or less like a non-immigrant customer using to company or enjoyment […]

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Connecting through Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport or LAX is one of the nation’s busiest airports and the main gateway to Asia and the Pacific region from the United States. There are more flights to Asia, Australia, Hawaii and the Pacific islands from LAX than from any other airport in the country. The strong growth in Asia in […]

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The New online Form for ESTA

For use by new applicants or for renewals. If I’ve already obtained an ESTA authorization, Shall I request an updated one under the new online form? Because of recent events on the world stage, such as the spread of the Ebola epidemic and a renewed threat of terrorism in the Middle East, the U.S immigration […]

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American youth

Your Esta Travel Authorization allows you to study in the USA?

Your Esta Travel Authorization allows you to study in the USA? Whether you come to the USA for a training course, or you wish to learn or improve your English, if you meet certain requirements, you will not need to get a student visa! You can travel under the Visa Waiver Program and still take […]

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Do I need flight and address details to apply?

Do I need flight and address details to apply? No! You are not required to provide any trip details, such as a flight number or address, when requesting an ESTA. Although a section does appear on the application requesting those details, you may simply leave it blank. We actually recommend that you obtain your ESTA […]

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New security measures are in place for flights to the U.S.

New security measures for flights Before departing, remember to Charge your electronic Devices. Sunday July 6th 2014, the U.S. aviation agency TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has announced that all electronic devices with their battery low will not be allowed in flights departing for the USA. In fact, the security officer at the airport will control […]

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10 locations in New York you must check out during your visit

10 locations in New York you must visit From Central Park to Broadway, here are some of the New York Landmarks you can’t miss while visiting the city with your ESTA. Last year, millions of tourists visited New York under the Visa Waiver Program. The city is recognized world-wide as a symbol of modernity and […]

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