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The New online Form for ESTA

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For use by new applicants or for renewals.

If I’ve already obtained an ESTA authorization, Shall I request an updated one under the new online form?

New ESTA Form

Because of recent events on the world stage, such as the spread of the Ebola epidemic and a renewed threat of terrorism in the Middle East, the U.S immigration authorities have implemented a new online form for requesting ESTA. This new form is only valid for new ESTA requests.

In fact, the previously approved ESTA authorizations remain valid until they expire.

Once expired, the traveler must apply for a new ESTA using the new online form.

So, if you have a valid ESTA authorization (issued less than 2 years ago and the passport associated with it, has not expired), feel free to travel to the U.S. You will not encounter any issue. constantly updates you on your trip to the United States with helpful and practical advice plus 24 hour support in case you have any questions.

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Your Esta Travel Authorization allows you to study in the USA?

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Your Esta Travel Authorization allows you to study in the USA?

Whether you come to the USA for a training course, or you wish to learn or improve your English, if you meet certain requirements, you will not need to get a student visa!

You can travel under the Visa Waiver Program and still take your classes!

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What requirements must I comply with?

For you to study in the U.S. under your Esta Travel Authorization, your classes cannot last more than 90 days.

If that requirement is met, you must be sure that the course is
less than 18 hours per week. In fact, if your course is not full time and meets the limit of weekly hours, you will not have any Visa related issue in the USA.

This opportunity will not only save you the cost associated with a business or student visa, but will also allow you to not enroll in medical insurance (mandatory for the student visa) at the time of your travel authorization request.

In which schools may I study?

You can take language classes at any schools accredited by the State.

Professional courses however, can not be carried out at college or university, unless prior arrangements are made.

It will be possible however, to attend courses at fairs / exhibitions, professional organizations, businesses, manufacturing facilities, etc.

Can I receive classes’ credits under an ESTA Authorization?

Please note that the courses conducted under the migratory status of an Esta can not be considered as credits for the purposes of a degree.

In other words, if your intention is to pursue your studies in the United States, or to graduate here, it would be preferable to opt for a student visa.

In conclusion, if you’re planning to study in the USA, you’ll want to select and contact the educational institution where you will study before the trip, and make sure they have courses “part time” that satisfies the requirements of your ESTA.