10 best places in Boston to make your holiday a special one

Boston carries the history of more than 500 years and is known as the place where the spirit of American independence was born. It is a beautiful amalgamation of history and modernity. You can find historical monuments and present day clubs standing side by side only in Boston.    If you love the places that can take you back in time, if walking in the lobby of centuries-old buildings give you the goosebumps and spending some time in the midst of nature is your thing then Boston is just for you.

Boston offers variety: Come and explore

It is a city that has something to offer for everyone whether you are a person who wants to spend a holiday in peace and tranquility or whether you are a party animal you can get the ticket of Boston for your next holidays.   It is even better for you if you want to write a piece of your blog that is full of enthralling information or you want to flood your social media with some of the best-captured pictures. Right from historical places, to cityscapes, beaches and some of the best-known places that are much popular to the travelers all around the year, Boston offers you a chequered pattern when it comes to analyzing the details of your tour. If you are planning to visit Boston then here are 10 best places to visit in Boston.


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  1. Freedom Trail: freedom trail is known to be the most popular spots of tourists. This trail is a collection of many historic buildings like churches, museums, monuments and each one of it has a story to tell.  America’s oldest public park, Massachusetts house, park street church, granary burring ground, kings chapel and burying ground, Benjamin Franklin statue in Latin school of Boston, south meeting house, old state house, Boston massacre site are some of the important sites of this freedom trail.  Many of these buildings are century old and peace of great architectural work like what you will not find anywhere in the world. Those who love monuments and history can take a guided tour of this unique freedom trail.
  2. Faneuil Hall: Faneuil Hall is a part of the freedom trail. It was built by one of the merchants who later gave it as a gift to the city. This hall is divided into four parts Faneuil Hall, south and north market ad Quincy market. Boston city streets provide a huge amalgamation of different cultures and professions. You can find roadside singers, dancers, eateries, jugglers, magicians who will enthrall the audience and tourists with their tricks.    You can also find some of the best eating places out here.
  3. Fenway Park: Many places from history must have changed by now, but it is one such places that look exactly the same when it was built over a century ago in 1912. You can take a one hour guided tour at Fenway that is available in multiple languages.  It is a place which has witnessed many historic matches of various sports. Many stars and presidents and important people from history have walked on the grounds of this park. It is all about knowing the pages of history and also to know more about what memories they have with the park. You can also spend some of your lovely moments in the park.


What about the garden and the boats?

  1. Boston Common and Public Garden Swan Boats: it is a garden from the Victorian era, and it is very popular among the locals and attracts tourists from across the world.  Swan boat ride is the most loved attraction of the park.  The public garden is also available for marriages. It is best to visit this park during summers to enjoy it thoroughly as winters in Boston are a bit harsh. But if you love ice skating, you can visit during winters.  You can also enjoy watching real swans in summers. If you have kids, you would love them to be a part of duckling parade.    In short, when it comes to enjoying your tourist life in Boston, you will surely be spoilt for choices.
  2. Beacon Hill: there is a lot to explore for visitors in bacon hill as there is a lot of history as well as a lot of modern-day entertainment options. The Nichols House Museum, Charles Street of Beacon Hill, the Bull and Finch, the state house, Black Heritage Trail, pre-Civil War homes, businesses, schools, and churches are some of the popular tourist’s spots here.  The nightlife of bacon hill is also no less for party lovers.  Whether you love shopping or eating, you’ll find something here that will keep you entertained.
  3. Boston Museum of Fine Arts: It is one of the most renowned museums in the country. It proudly holds many things from history like paintings, ancient Egyptian treasures, Asian and Persian fine arts, works from ancient Greece and the Middle East. Furniture decorative arts, folk art from different eras. Pre-Columbian arts and a Buddhist Bodhisattva.
  4. Science Museum: The museum is another important spot for tourists. 65-million-year-old fossil, electricity dome, the Butterfly Garden with free-flying butterflies, planetarium, a conservatory of exotic plants and a live animal center are just some of the attractions in the science museum. It is quite informing and entertaining for children.


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  1. Old North Church and the North End: These are again places with historic importance as well as the places where you can shop, eat or go clubbing. It is a very popular place in Boston among tourists.
  2. Harvard Square and Harvard Art Museums: The guided tour is also available here that is given by the students. The place is flooding with book stores and restaurants. If you love ice creams than you will definitely find your favorite flavor in the best form only here.
  3. New England Aquarium: If you love aquatic line then New England Aquarium is a must visit place for families with the kids. You will need one full day to enjoy this place completely.


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It is very important that you contact a tour planner or go through some of the travel magazines before you start exploring numerous segments of Boston. In addition to that, always follow the traffic guidelines and the rules and regulations mentioned for the travelers in Boston.